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            I'm Jacklin, a passionate individual with a diverse range of experiences. I graduated with honors from the University of Oregon, majoring in cinema. Filmmaking and storytelling have always been my true passions. I have explored various aspects of the film industry, including directing, editing, and screenwriting.

            Additionally, I am an avid photographer, capturing beautiful moments and creating visual narratives through my lens. Throughout my professional journey, I have gained skills in system optimization, IT communication, web development, and creating WeChat Mini Programs. I am also actively involved in volunteer work, contributing to organizations like APAPA and Asian American for Good Government. Beyond my professional and volunteer commitments, I find joy in serving as a teaching assistant for Sunday classes in Christian organizations. With my diverse skill set and love for learning, I strive to make a positive impact and continue growing both personally and professionally.

Website I have worked on

These are just a few examples of the websites and businesses I have been involved with. Each project has provided me with valuable experience and an opportunity to contribute to their success.

"I may not be the most talented, the most beautiful, or the smartest girl. But I believe that I am truly unique, and I embrace my individuality with love. I accept all my strengths and weaknesses, knowing that they make me who I am, a one-of-a-kind person."

Jacklin Li


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Silver Linings


Once Bitten

Curtain Fall